4 Common Health Issues In Dogs: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments Virginia

10 common diseases in dogs that owners need to know

Do you know what common diseases in dogs are? If you own a dog, you should carefully learn about these diseases to have timely prevention and treatment measures. Most diseases can be cured if detected early. In the article below, I will introduce some common diseases that seriously affect the health of your dog.

4 Common Health Issues In Dogs: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments Virginia

Common diseases in puppies are caused by parasites

Parasites are one of the common diseases in dogs. The disease does not discriminate between dog breeds, ages, and sizes. The cause of the disease is an unclean living environment. Or it can be spread from one animal to another. Parasites are common in dogs raised in groups. Dogs at breeders, pet stores or hospitals. It is necessary to monitor for early removal, to prevent parasites from multiplying, which will be very difficult to treat.

Puppies between 2 and 7 months old are at greater risk of parasites than adult dogs. Because in this age group, puppies are very active and mischievous. And don’t know how to take care of yourself. They are like 5 year old children. That’s why you need to pay close attention to them.

Scabies is one of the common diseases in dogs

Scabies is a disease that is very easy to get if you do not regularly care for and bathe your dog. Especially dogs raised in places with poor hygiene conditions. There are many ways to treat scabies such as using leaves that have anti-parasitic properties such as neem leaves, guava leaves… Or you can use a solution containing mineral oil.

Many people treat scabies by injecting medication directly into the dog’s body. This method really should not be done because the ticks and lice will probably die. But your dog is at very high risk of developing some liver diseases. Scabies, ticks, lice, fleas, scabies fungi… do not directly harm the dog’s health but only indirectly affect it. The disease causes dogs to experience itching, discomfort, and ulcers. If left in the long term, it will not be good for the dog’s health. Therefore, if your dog has scabies, you should treat it promptly.

Inflammatory bowel diseases in dogs

Inflammatory bowel disease in dogs is a serious health problem. Even for longtime dog owners. These are common diseases in dogs and are very difficult to treat. Some diseases are almost 90% fatal. Some common intestinal diseases in dogs include diarrhea, Pravo disease, dogs with Care… These diseases are very contagious and very difficult to treat. Some causes of intestinal diseases in dogs:

  • Due to viruses: Parvovirus, cariesa virus, infectious hepatitis virus…
  • Due to bacteria: E.coli, Leptospira, Salmonella.
  • Due to parasites.
  • Because the dog has a fungal infection.
  • Because the foreign body cannot be digested.
  • Due to ingestion of poison.
  • And many other reasons.

Cancer in dogs

Similar to humans, cancer is one of the most common and dangerous diseases in dogs. However, people did not pay attention to it before. Recently, this disease has received more attention. Cancer in dogs has a similar stage of development as cancer in humans.

The average lifespan of dogs has increased, leading to an increasing incidence of this disease. Tumors grow larger over time because of cells with strange genes or a sudden proliferation of tissue. If your dog has this disease, it often shows signs of fever, rapid weight loss, and loss of appetite. At this time, you need to take your dog to see a veterinarian immediately if any of the above symptoms appear.

Rabies in dogs

Rabies can be considered the most dangerous infectious disease in dogs. During the 80s and 90s, the number of dogs infected with rabies was relatively high. The virus that causes rabies is found in saliva on wounds caused by rabid animals. Disease-causing viruses can exist in milk, blood and body fluids of animals. The disease can spread to cats, humans and other animals. But in recent years, in Vietnam, this disease has been greatly controlled because of policies requiring mandatory rabies vaccination for dogs and cats nationwide.

Common cardiovascular diseases in dogs

Small, beautiful dog breeds such as Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Japanese… often encounter diseases related to the heart. The blood circulation system and cardiovascular system are always active, circulation is fast, heart beats fast.

You need to pay special attention to your dog’s nutrition and exercise regimen. Avoid feeding your babies dog foods that are high in fat. Prevent and reduce cholesterol in the blood. Helps the heart move healthily, avoiding the risk of atherosclerosis.

Dogs often suffer from obesity

Small indoor dog breeds with lovely intelligence and low prices often eat little. However, if you do not pay attention to nutrition, overuse foods with high-fat foods and your dog is sedentary, it is easy to become obese. When a dog is obese, it will lead to many diseases that are harmful to the dog’s health. Including heart disease.

Becgie dogs, Alaska often suffer from bone and joint diseases

The musculoskeletal system of Becgie, Alaskan, Phu Quoc, Rottweiler dogs… often moves a lot. Therefore, you need to supplement them with foods that are full of calcium. Feeding foods with too much fatty acid can easily cause spongy bones and rheumatism. Buy nutritional calcium supplements for dogs here.

And in the long term, it is very possible to break a leg bone while moving faster and stronger than usual. One way to overcome this situation is to take your dog for walks regularly. But don’t let your puppy get too tired.

Poodle and Chuahua dogs often suffer from dental diseases

Common diseases such as dog tooth decay, bad breath, periodontal disease, gingivitis… Usually, you should take your dog for dental care once every 12 – 16 months. Furthermore, you should not feed your dog large, hard animal bones. Because it is easy to choke and damage teeth. You should take care of your dog’s teeth regularly. You can follow the instructions of your veterinarian. Use specialized toothpaste and toothbrushes for dogs purchased at Pet Mart.

Small breeds are susceptible to respiratory diseases

Often these small dog breeds cannot stand the cold. Very susceptible to respiratory diseases. For example, kennel cough, pneumonia, bronchitis. Furthermore, some small short-haired dog breeds in Vietnam often have short noses. They often wheeze when sleeping or moving quickly. You need to regularly clean your dog’s eyes and nose.

Above are some of the common diseases in dogs that you should know so that you can have ways to prevent or treat them promptly. In the next articles, we will learn more about each disease in more detail and specifically!

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